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Three Rights Make A Left
So if you think doing two wrongs is how to make a right, just make sure to keep going left. Eventually, you'll make a right. It's simple reasoning skills.
This all being said, I have a few mixed feelings about some of the stuff on my list to blabber about today. First off is that Furaffinity has decided to make an "All Encompasing Introduction To The Furry Fandom." Apparently, they get asked rather often much to my surprise. Either way, I don't think it matters. Some of the subjects of the fabled intro seem a bit touchy especially considering it's going to be a completely open to the public release. My fur stands on end.
The reason I have such a problem with this is because the fandom already doesn't have the best reputation in the world, and I'm not very sure how continuing to make these stupid guides is going to serve as more than just trash-fodder for lowly journalists. Or maybe it'll slip under the goddamned radar. Furaffinity is no Sam Fisher. Furaffinity is not a Splinter Cell. God speed if it gets everyone off our back, but basically broadcasting that the fandom is sexually open and very highly populated by sexuality isn't going to be a good way to overcome younger furs feeling awkward or pressured or even ostracized. I can't imagine this being something one would show to their parents to "come out" as being a furry with.
Or maybe it's meant to be a private "psst, here's some help" as opposed to "Come one, come all, look at the awesome Furry Fandom!" These are both still left in the open. On one hand, it would have been great for me to know sites like FA and existed before having to scramble through shitty Sonic porn and bad artists and been able to jump right to Shiuk or Sapphwolf but I make do with how I have. That's enough for me.
Still, it can't be quite as embarassing as having to live in a world where compromise in the form of Seperate But Equal is commendable. It baffles me that despite all we've come through, that can be considered forward thinking. There are people claiming that even allowing gays to be, essentially, isolated and herded like cattle is potentially hazardous for our military. General James Conway says, straight forward "I would not ask our Marines to live with someone who is homosexual if we can possibly avoid it," and that seems pretty far off from "equality."
But any victory is a victory, when it comes down to it. So now homosexuals have the right to fight for a country that treats them as though they were in quarantine. God help me when we get our first "all gay platoon" and God help us all if they turn out to be flamers. The last thing I really want to see is for a bunch of creepy gay people to really fuck it up for the normal ones. Even though it's not what we want, if this is enough of a compromise for us to worm in and try to prove ourselves as non-inhibiting* or creepy, then that's enough for me.
On a slightly lighter note, this movie looks fucking awesome. Not really awesome in the "stand the test of time" kind of ways, just funny in that "Oh my God, this movie is insane" kind of ways. The kind of ways movies get popular lately, and that's by making college kids piss their pants laughing. And isn't that the best kind of joke?

*Defense Secretary Robert Gates has launched a lengthy study to determine how to allow gays to serve openly without hurting military effectiveness. Link

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