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I butcher DnD

the ground parts and from it there is a palatable darkness, reaching forth from the core of the planet, although nothing is visible, an overwhelming sense of evil echoes from the cataclysms of nothingness. The trees wilt and the flowers die, clouds form over and begin the thousand years of darkness. The end is nigh.

roll for initiative


Archemorus rolls a 17 and passes his willpower check. He steps back from the darkness and runs towards a small cottage, clasping the Valkyrie Blade from the hilt. What is your next move?


- Archemorus, 02:45 -

* Archemorus ventures forth into the inky blackness of the chasm, watching creatures incomprehensible in purpose and form, feeling the material plane grow more distant with each passing step, he brandishes the sword in defiance.


- Lunari, 02:47 -

the Valkyrie Blade shines amongst the void, illuminating the path before him and revealing the demonic beasts that lay before him. They cower in fear of the legendary sword, yet their purpose is clear. A doppleganger leaps from the darkness, aiming to strike at Archemorus.


- Archemorus, 02:48 -

My weapon manifests rank 1 Aberration Banemagic, and I unleash a flurry of strikes





- Lunari, 02:50 -

The beast is halted momentarily, having taken substantial damage, yet quickly recuperates and charges back, this time sinking and becoming a shadow on the path, creeping ever faster at Archemorus.


- Archemorus, 02:53 -

* Archemorus uses focused perception, concentrating my facilities so my power of sight can pierce the darkness, hearing a sound, growing like a wisp of smoke, steadily into a great and terrible cascading tremble.



Total:16 perception check failure


- Lunari, 02:54 -

The monster leaps from behind Archemorus and raises it's mighty claw, swiftly bringing it down across his back, dealing a critical amount of damage. Archemorus is tainted with the Darkness. 85hp remains.



- Archemorus, 02:58 -

* Archemorus is knocked from the path keeping him anchored in known planes of being, and falls into the ether's blackness, or rather, it's infinite reaches of nothingness, for no words could describe the lack of anything to perceive, even with the blade as he fell. He moves to stop himself with thought, and not lose himself to oblivion.

Resistance check



Total:15 passed


- Lunari, 02:59 -

Archemorus pulls himself up from the cliff where the doppleganger waits in anticipation, a long silvery tongue reaching out to lick his disgusting and jagged mouth. He bares his claws and prepares to strike once more. He charges forth, raising his arm high for a final blow.


- Archemorus, 03:01 -

* Archemorus crouches and uses Skewer Foe, impaling the beast as he thrusts his arms outward with the light emitting blade, wholly unknown pain fills the creature.

Roll(2d20)+34 strength:

16,11,+34 strength



- Lunari, 03:05 -

The monster is slain and lets out a howl so disgusting and demonic that man's ears cannot begin to perceive it. It falls limply, hanging from the blade before becoming a black whisp and absorbing into the handle of the Valkyrie Blade, increasing it's illuminating properties and adding +1 to the swords attack power. The path before Archemorus is more visible as it spirals down into the

void of darkness. It becomes apparent to him that the stone he walks upon is not stone but rather fossilized skulls compressed into a walkway. A small shield lays embedded in the walkway, piercing one of the unfortunate skulls.


- Archemorus, 03:06 -

* Archemorus pries the shield from the ground, and equips himself with it, increasing his defense by +12

* Archemorus gains Shield of Consternation


- Lunari, 03:07 -

A ghastly howl echoes forth from the depths of the unending chasm as the hive feels it's loss. The creatures of the depths grow angry.


- Archemorus, 03:11 -

* Archemorus breaks into a run down the path, feeling a growing sense of dread as he reaches what must the the nexus of the realm, The emptiness gives way to what could only be described as billowing clouds of flesh and bone, churning to form a discernable physical prescence to face it's combatant. tears in the realm itself form along it's center, as if to form eyes.

* Archemorus It feels as if entire planes shriek silently in anticipation of catastrophe, the very realm coalescing itself in abhorrance to Intrusion.


- Lunari|DMFarce, 03:18 -

The eyes turn a fiery red as they glare furiously at the mortal before them. A great, billowing voice speaks in an ancient tongue, translated in the mind of Archemorus as a disgusting whisper. "A foolish mortal such as yourself can not possibly hope to defy me. I am all things, the destroyer of worlds and dimensions alike. I am the one that even existence itself fears, and I have bee

n unleashed. You will fall and cease like all others in all of space and time!"


- Archemorus, 03:21 -

* Archemorus launches furiously at his foe rolling for Staggering Critical.





- Lunari|DMFarce, 03:25 -

The great monster materializes, a 50 foot tall demon, straight from the depths of nightmarish hell, clasping Archemorus' sword and reeling back, unexpectant of the power of the Valkyrie Blade. He snarls and becomes a whisp once more, changing forms and standing, 6 feet tall behind Archemorus, whispering once more into his ear "Why would you try to attack me? I see that you are powerful

. Join me. Become a Shadow and lead my armies to victory." Persuasion effect critical; roll for willpower resistance.


- Archemorus, 03:31 -

Roll(3d20)-28 enemy persuasion:

13,5,18, -28 enemy persuasion

Total:8/20 resist failure


- Lunari|DMFarce, 03:32 -

Archemorus is swayed by the demon, and turns towards him, plunging his sword and shield into the skull pathway. He swears allegiance to the beast. Darkness engulfs him, possessing his body and coloring him into a black, demonic creature. Archemorus class change from Warrior to Demon Lord.


- Archemorus, 03:50 -

* Archemorus lounges upon his everchanging throne upon the nexus, fading in and out of corporeal perception as he draws more and more pieces of bone and stone himself, removing the path out to the rip to the material plane, and entrenching himself within a cavern of morphing blackness.


- Lunari|DMFarce, 03:51 -

A new age of darkness descends upon the world as everlasting night dawns. The people scream and run in fear as the dark throne rises and with it a thousand monstrosities and horrors beyond imagination. The Final War begins.


- Ero, 04:05 -

With wild eyes, I glance upon the throng of unyielding creatures. There blaze of wild hate and anger create panic in those of use that are not brave.

I poll my sword from its scabbard and point it skyward in a glorious hail to tho gods of war, in hope they will bestow Upon me the berserker rage.


- Lunari|DMFarce, 04:07 -

A light pierces the darkness and engulfs Ero, filling his body with an impenetrable power. Two lesser demons charge at him.


- Ero, 04:08 -

I charge with sword at the ready... and pierces the first creature as it dies in agony.


- Lunari|DMFarce, 04:09 -

The second beast leaps high into the air and pounces down at Ero, hell bent on eviscerating him.


- Ero, 04:12 -

I glance at the creature just soon enough to pull my sell away from its grasp... the take my sword with its white hot blade and spin to lop off its head.

I scream at the top of my lungs at the throng of creatures "Is that all you got!"


- Lunari|DMFarce, 04:13 -

The corpses around him explode into a gaseous whisp and dissipate into the air. A beast slides into the shadows and connects to Ero's shadow, attempting to manipulate his moves. Physical Resistance Check.

Ero rolls 1d20 and gets 3. He fails the resistance check and the evil darkness consumes him, quickly and painfully eroding his physical form and rendering him into mere dust. Ero is dead.


- Archemorus, 04:25 -

* Archemorus keeps trying to corrupt the sword within his growing tomb, drawing more and more power to himself in the effort


- Lunari|DMFarce, 04:26 -

Unchallenged, the armies grow ever stronger, storming the villages and slaughtering millions upon billions of innocent townsfolk. Though many resist, they seemingly all fail.

Time passes and after devouring the souls of billions and converting them for his evil ways, the Demon and his new Evil Prince, Archemorus, send out the darkness, controlling and dominating all that ever is or was or could have been, annihilating it all and sending all of existence into unending destruction.


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