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Logging Is A Hazardous Occupation
I never update here, haha. I probably should... I need to make my own template here so it looks better. Maybe link all my pages over. That'd be nice. *Shrug* Anyway, it's unimportant. I'm just gonna try to remember to update more. Somehow. God help us all.

I've been playing Alan Wake fairly seriously the last few days, and it's kinda getting me back in writing mood. Monday through Wednesday here I'm gonna be up in a cabin. Taking my iPod on the off chance that I'll get a stroke of genius, and if I do; I'm gonna wanna write down and maybe save it. Maybe. Here's hoping.

The important thing is that it has me wanting to write again. If only because Alan Wake is exactly the kind of story I try to write anyway. It's really cool. Except maybe furry. I can't tell. I'm not very good at writing furry stories. I guess it's mostly that I figure "I'm not writing about anything a human can't do, why should I specify that they're not human if it doesn't matter?" These are the questions that plague my writing.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Good For Your Heart!!!!


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