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I Hate Ayn Rand
(Quote from Left 4 Dead)
So I woke up to three missed calls this morning, and for your pleasure and my torment, I shall now recount them.
I woke up at 8:15 AM to the God-awful buzz that my Blackberry manifests to grab my attention and, considering I've only been asleep for four hours by this point, I'm not exactly stoked at the idea of someone calling me. I answer the phone. Allow me to interlude for just a moment to ask you, the reader, one simple question. If a college calls you at 8:15 AM, are you inclined to tell them to fuck off? Needless to say when the person on the other end of the phone (which I should not credit them as being a person, as they were an automated voice message) begins her spiel of "I'm Tracy from Eagle Gate College" I don't give her much more of a grunt before I click the little button on my phone which has now become synonymous with "Fuck you." Somehow, by the grace of God, I manage to fall asleep.
It is now 10:24 AM and, once more, I hear and even feel the nasty, almost pestilent way my phone cries out to be answered. It is at this moment I consider abandoning having a phone. I check the number and it's, once again, one I don't recognize. Upon answering, Wells Fargo, a bank which I haven't had an account since August of 2009, has called me to mention that, by the way, my account is negative 60 bucks. As bamboozled as I am by that, I can't help but notice that after barely 6 hours of sleep, I still don't give a fuck. Sadly, it has made the top of my "Take care of this shit" list. And yes, I have one. Pictures will be made publicly available when I'm not a lazy prick. Somehow, yes magically even, I slip away into sleep once more.
It is 12:45 PM and for one more headache inducing moment my phone has decided that my dreams must take a backseat to whomever has decided that this is the most opportune time in the world to make contact with me. However this instance is the most infuriating one I can think of, for guess what pops up on my little screen. "UNKNOWN NUMBER." I have a hard time believing that in this day and age my phone genuinely can't retrieve a number. This leads me to believe that the number is being blocked (which I am right about, by the way. Spoiler alert) and so I opt to answer the phone, merely for the concept of bitching this kid out for wasting my time at 12:45 PM when I was in the middle of a fantastic dream. However, when I answer, it is an automated voice message from Chase. This tyrade requires a new paragraph.
Who in Gods name decided that to deliver an urgent message to a bank member; the call should be made from a hidden number. I don't answer hidden numbers, I honestly believe this is the first time I've answered a blocked number in years, and it was to bitch someone out. How many important messages have I missed because some dipshit is stupid enough to think "Hey, I have a great idea! Let's hide our information when we call people about important business!" I want to punch this man in the solar plexus.
I understand the theory. "People see a bank calling = people freak out" but the alternative is "people see a blocked number = people don't give a shit." So either way, nobody is answering your calls. Maybe that's just me though. Maybe there's a mass of people out there that see "Unknown Number" on their caller ID and think "Wow, this is so important that they blocked their number!" I don't get it.
Anyway, you can see that my day has not started well, and only has promise to descend into either raw madness, or some sort of depression induced euphoria. As much as I'm hoping for the latter, I don't believe that the human brain works that way. Perhaps I should ask someone. Because if that's the case, that's excellent. Unfortunately, I'd rather be genuinely happy than have to rely on my own misery for happiness.
One thing that does rather excite me is the prospect of Perfect Dark on the Xbox Live Arcade. I'll post a link at the bottom of the post, but it's pretty cool looking. It gives you the standard game, but does some pretty cool things to it. For instance, it allows for online co-op or versus, HDTV compatibility, higher sound quality, better frame rate, and, most importantly, Perfect Dark. It's only 800 Microsoft Points as well, which I think makes it a very good deal. What I'd like to see is for this game to sell so well, that it's online play is active constantly. I must acquire 800 points. Not to be a whore for Microsoft or anything. - LINK


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