To Say That I am Bored Is An Understatement
Yes, I've created a "blogger" and even picked the most generic, overused template imaginable for my page. I'm just that excellent. I am not one hundred percent sure exactly why I loaded this up, let alone the the paragraphs and subjects which shall future occupy these spaces, but I suppose something shall occupy them. God help us all.
I guess the natural reflex for myself to write about would be games or music, but I can not tell. If you have not yet noticed, I have to avoid contractions because this site has chosen to register every stroke of the apostrophe key as a shortcut to load up the quick find bar. This idiotic programming or perhaps accidental setting change has caused me to become actually quite mad. But I'm currently watching a show in which the characters are playing ping-pong, so I can't really get too mad. I suppose I ought to link that, yes? There ya go, ya ingrateful little monsters.
But I suppose now is a good time to talk about other things. For instance, I've recently gotten my dirty little fingers on Borderlands for the Xbox 360. I'm not going to try to beat around the bush, I love this game. Within one play session I found myself putting the barrel of an elephant gun in between a midgets eyes and watching as every solid part of him liquified and dispersed into thousands of different directions, splattering my screen and the desert wasteland with his blood and insides. This same instance led me on a massive chase around this expansive (and it is quite expansive) world to hunt down a giant flaming moth who had no other purpose to me than to try to destroy me. I, in turn, shot him out of the sky and mounted his head on my wall. Or rather, I would have mounted his head on my wall, but he is merely digital.
What I mean to say is that the game has an excellent way of drawing you in and being immersive and deep, but without being such a serious game that you forget the core aspect of the game, and that is that it is merely a game. It still manages to be entertaining though, make no mistake, it just seems to go out of its way to remind you "Don't take this shit too serious, okay?" That is something I can respect out of a game. A trait I find is depressingly lacking in most new games.
Yes, the rumors are true, the game really can't stand alone as a single player adventure as well as it can multiplayer, but luckily you almost never have to worry about playing alone, and since the game is as absurd as it is, the crowd is unlike the Halo/Call Of Duty crowds that so aggreviously plague Xbox Live night and day.
This all being said, Borderlands really seems to offer something for everyone who likes gaming to any extent. It has excellent co-op gameplay, the option for some very entertaining versus gameplay, a good story (however side stepped and text-told it may be), a level up system that may as well be from Heaven itself, very intuitive and even fun character development, and enough to do in the game to keep anyone busy for a very long time. Did I mention that there's DLC even? The game is big, there's a lot to do, and there's a lot of fun to be had.
But I suppose I can't drool forever over a game, or you might begin to find me soft. The game does have flaws, but nothing that the game can be faulted for anymore than you can fault a man for being alive in a sense. It has some less than solid walls at times and unless you do quests, the leveling up takes a toll on ones sanity, but anyone who picks up an RPG ought to expect quests to be the primary method of experience acquirement. Like I said, it's major faults are faults with a genre, not with the specific game.
If I could advise you, persuade you, tempt you, corrupt you into even renting Borderlands, than I can promise you that you won't be disappointed. I can think of no other game that has come out in the last year that has captivated me or entertained me in such a way that Borderlands has. And you haven't heard me go on about Left 4 Dead 2.


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