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A Boombox Is Not A Toy
I love how The Lonely Island's view of utopia is everyone wearing fingerless gloves. And that makes me smile.
So I've spent a lot of time the last week or two playing more Borderlands (as if you hadn't noticed my total lack of updating) and leveling up and finally beat the game. Upon completion of the game, I was able to spot out many of the RPG Elements that it's stolen from brothers like Final Fantasy X and the Fallout series. Yes, it is a game riddled with homages to every other game ever made, but it's the best kind of tribute. One that's better than those it's trying to pay recognition to. And that's excellent.
Without spoiling any story portions of the game, let's just say that anyone who's played an RPG will probably facepalm at the ending that they hadn't guessed it before, but won't be particularly surprised. Borderlands proves time and again that it's a real rpg and it's to be taken seriously as one. And that's excellent.
In other ways to waste time, I got a hold of the demo for Just Cause 2 and I have to say it's pretty beautiful. The graphics of this game are somewhat remeniscent of Far Cry, but it looks like everything I imagine when I think "Next-Gen Gaming." The sand is beautiful, the trees are excellently crafted, everything about the game is stunning and beautiful. Hell, it is a Squenix game. The best part is that the gameplay is just as fluid and excellent as any game I've played in a while. Now, it was a demo, so there was some pretty excellent glitches that allowed me to fall form a helicopter from the edge of the skyline and land flat on my face on the concrete below without taking damage, but again, these are the kind of fun glitches at only add to the game. Yes, it's unrealistic, but it's so damned fun that I don't think I care.
But I've been spoiled lately and I've recently found myself as a trend-follower with games like Fallout 3, Borderlands, Just Cause 2, etc. They're all sandbox games. The concept used to be so rare; there was Grand Theft Auto and a couple of clones that maybe didn't work, but now the scene is just grandiose in it's diversity. And yes, for RPG games, you could say it's more of an offline MMO feel, but in reality, that's just a sandbox game. You can go anywhere and do anything. That's what next-gen gaming is about. No restrictions. The games are beautiful, the abilities are endless, the story is awesome, and the gameplay is seamless. This is why I think Just Cause 2 is the closest thing to a "Best Game Ever Made" than almost any other game on the market today. If Borderlands removed the level cap and continuously released add-on content to continue the story and put more significant focus on the story, it would probably be the number one contender. Hell, throw in more melee weapons, deeper physical character customization, back off the fucking cel-shaded bullshit, and not lose any of it's humor or gameplay integrity, it would easily be the best game ever. I already have trouble finding a good contender.

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