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A Moment Suspended In Time
“So soft,” was all I could say, biting my lip not to cry, “your hair is so soft.” I held her head in my lap, smoothing her hair, and keeping it out of her eyes. I looked down into her eyes and saw the most intense fear. There was nothing I could think of to say, there was nothing I could do, but sit there and brush her hair. “So soft.”
In her left eye was a sunny day in July, sitting under a tree. I held her in my hands that same way, only there was happiness, love, and beauty. She whispered to me “I love you.” She smiled at me. “I love you forever.” And all I said was “me too.” My voice squeaked. All I said was “me too.”
In her right eye was a dark room, barely lit by moon and candles. Sounds, rather than words, were exchanged in the night. Two years building up to that moment. A moment I will hold forever in my heart. A moment suspended, forever, in time.
In her quivering lips was a movie theatre, a half-man, half-robot on his way to destroy some great evil. And I not paying attention to it, but rather her and those lips.
In her nose was all the flowers I’d ever given her. Every bouquet, single flower, every one we’d planted together, all of them. A field, a grove, a forest of beautiful flowers, none so great as her.
In her whole face was the best times I’d ever had. I looked back up into her eyes and saw fire. I saw determination, I saw courage, and it gave me courage. I grabbed her hand and squeezed. “I love you.” I said. “Forever.” She closed her eyes, closed her mouth, and her nose did not flare again. I brushed her hair only a moment longer. A new moment, the best moment, the last moment.

Hell is empty, the devils are here!


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