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E99 - For The Glory Of The Motherland
Over the past three or so months, I've found myself quite enthralled with Singularity in an anticipation that I haven't felt in a very long time. The game came out last Tuesday, much to my enjoyment. It's about as damned near perfect as any damned near perfect game has come.
Allow me to explain myself. It's near perfect, but it has a few glaring issues that slow it down, at least for the modern age we're in. Minor details that, for whatever reason, the developers left out. The ones that come to mind are; no subtitles, no way to quick save, no ripple effect on the water, small explosions with minimal destructive evidence, and there's no co-op multiplayer. I'm not sure why this game is deficient in so many crucial elements. Perhaps a lot of those can be patch fixed, but some might need DLC or a sequel. I would hope this game would get those, cause if the graphics got up to par and it had a RE5 style co-op system, I'd be all down for that.
I was really scared at first. It was a game that, based entirely on it's gameplay videos, promised innovation and a fantastic game mechanic. What they did was copy/paste the absolute best parts of all the best FPS games in the last fifteen years. all in all, the only really new thing is the "Time Locks" and the story. Everything else has been done by Bioshock, Wanted, Half-Life 2, etc. But it's all stuck together so seamlessly. It's damn near perfection. Luckily, it doesn't come off as dated or old and, if the boss fights are any indication, it's really quite epic. It does have a problem where the difficulty randomly spikes or the puzzles aren't quite clear, but those are few and far between. Probably one of the best games I've ever played. Now to check out the multiplayer.

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